About us

Since 1995, SAFE Co. Ltd. sp. z o. o. has run its business domestically and abroad in active and expansive way. This entirely private company was created by the experts who successfully managed a lot of different projects related to shipbuilding and offshore industry, as well as in the construction of steel bridges, in the constructions for chemical and petrochemical industry, and installations in the power stations.

Our plant has the recognition granted by the Classification Societies such as: BV, PRS, DNV and GL, we have also gained the approvals and certificates for execution of the corrosion protection on drilling platforms according to NORSOK standards.

Main areas of our activities

Construction of steel structures, repairs and reconstructions:

  • hull blocks and fully-equipped vessels
  • construction of aluminium structures – wheelhouses, superstructures, masts, boats
  • special tanks, piping systems, constructions of halls
  • constructions of bridges and viaducts
  • turning of rudder set bearings and main engine shafting lines

Corrosion protection

  • shot peening, sand blasting, dust free cleaning; coating with zinc, aluminium or its alloys
  • corrosion protection for concrete; priming and injection
  • corrosion protection for waste gas desulphurisation systems
  • SAFEGRIP and HUMMERVOLL epoxy floor covering
  • FLAMECONTROL and CHARTEK fire protection systems
  • insulations, dehydration units, hydroblasting
  • coat protection of tanks against leakage

Our main customers

  • in the Netherlands: DAMEN Hardinxveld Shipyard, DAMEN Gorinchem Shipyard and MAASKANT Shipyards – constructions of partly-equipped hulls for tug boats and multi-purpose vessels as well as fully equipped tug boats
  • in Norway: LARSNES Mek Verksted, STADYARD AS, FITJAR and GRANLI FISKERI AS – constructions of hulls and fully equipped fishing vessels
  • in Poland: shipyards in Gdańsk and Gdynia – prefabrication and assembly of hulls, anti-corrosion works on new-built and repaired ships. Power stations, chemical and petrochemical plants
  • in France: construction of ships, their parts and installations; repairs of ships for the following enterprises: SOCARENAM, CHANTIERS PIRIOU, F.C.R.N., CMN, CHANTIERS de la HAUTE SEINE, TIMOLOR, HYDROLAND, OCEA, METALU, MECASOUD
  • in Denmark: KARSTENSEN Shipyard – construction of fishing vessel hulls
  • in Germany: complex of anti-corrosion works on the ships built in SIETAS Shipyard in Hamburg
  • in Great Britain: anti-corrosion works on the waste gas desulphurisation systems in the power stations

Our main products and achievements

  • two powerful, modern Rotor Tug boats with hybrid propulsion operated by Kotug International RT Evolution and RT Emotion
  • production of fully equipped tug dedicated for British aircraft carriers in Roal Navy base - SD Tempest
  • series of vessel hulls of Pushbuster, Shoalbuster and Multicat types for DAMEN SHIPYARD and MAASKANT
  • fully equipped, ultra-modern fishing vessel for GRANLI FISKERI from Norway
  • series of river push boats for CFT – France (together with SOCARENAM Shipyard)
  • aluminium superstructures on the passenger vessels of Millennium series in CHANTIERS D’ATLANTIQUE
  • tug boats for the French Navy (together with SOCARENAM Shipyard)
  • Eggborough,West Burton and Cotton – power stations in England
  • road bridge on Vistula river in Płock (together with MOSTOSTAL PŁOCK)
  • floating petrol station for LOTOS Group
  • dredge ship for HYDROLAND – FRANCE
  • anti-corrosion for drilling platforms and pipe racks, fire tower for ABB OFFSHORE SYSTEMS, KVAERNER ROSENBERG – NORWAY
  • phosphoric acid containers for chemical plants Wizów - POLAND
  • series of trawlers for HEGOY AS and HOVDEN AS (together with LARSNES Shipyard – NORWAY)